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Default DO NOT BUY a Staber Washing Machine - What they won't tell you

I own two of those Staber washing machines.
One is at my daughter's and one at my house.
The older one about 10 years old is working fine.
The other at my daughter is in need of motor after maybe three years of use..

Now i have to tell you about my adventure with German front loader washing machine MIELE ..what a total junk. Paid over $3500.00 Canadian for it. It took four adult man to carry it inside the house. It is small and heavy, reminded me of German WW2 tanks. No one warned us about it. beware. After connecting it it worked like a charm for about two months. Plugged filters. Almost everyday on the city water. My wife had to unplug it. Of course she needed help from a handy husband Lol. In the first year water leak developed we called the company and were told that the technician will come but if it's not covered under warranty we will have to pay $200.00 for his visit. we have and ended up paying $200.00 for nothing as we were told the seal where the water pump filter is located is leaking and we have to tighten the screw. Well after about two and a half years dealing with the ever present leak the washer started to leak some seriously. we call Miele again this time $250.00 for the call and technician tells us that we need to purchase a rubber boot for water drain connected to the machine basin and wait for this part as he didn't have it in stock, cost was about $800.00 plus $250.00 repair call.
Well it sounded like "the real German engineering" do you recall VW diesel programming scam and lately testing the diesel emissions on people "Dr. Mengele style" ( Dr. Mengele was German Nazi Dr. who tested all kinds of cruel pseudo medical methods on children and prisoners at the German Nazi Concentration Camp in occupied Poland during WW 2)

We sold the house where the biggest German Miele scam of the washing machine world remained. Not paying anyone to brake their back moving this piece of history.

One more word of caution, German Miele had control of the price the Enbridge gas in Whitby, the store where this item was sold and for how much. I was told that if they were to lower the price Miele would take away their right to sell Miele line of products. All stores were to sell it at the retail suggested price.
No exceptions.
I would call it a price fixing scheme.
So i called the competition bureau of Canada to inform them about this practice. After they requested too much info from me I just said forget it. Didn't want to be involved in the court battle with the big German firm.

Conclusion, Staber is a good washer, my daughter loves it. my entire family loves the way it washes clothes, no smell of detergent residue on my clothes and no detergent allergy reactions. As we all know all things break down ad that's part of the industrial design build in obsolescents. We are to blame for it as well.
Lets be fair to Staber.
i wish there were more companies like them designing products in a common and simple way so those can be inexpensive and easy to repair. buying inexpensive universal and readily available components.

Sorry if I have upset the person who is complaining here in the first place..
Sounded like you worked for this company and it did't work out for you?
Sorry if i'm wrong.

happy Canadian Staber supporter and customer

On Monday, July 8, 2002 at 8:49:55 PM UTC-4, PT wrote:
We have had our Staber washing machine for the last two years and have
had horrible results, especially for the premium price ($1300). The
very first time we used it, we put in an expensive quilt (new Amish
quilt), used much less detergent than normal (as per the directions),
and it oversuds, would not spin up or drain, and caused the fabric to
bleed. We tried running it back through the rinse cycles time after
time to no avail. We knew it was expensive, but if it lasted a very
long time due to its supposedly rugged design and was frugal on water
and electricity, it should have been a good choice.

If you think you are buying a rugged, care-free machine that will last
forever, be frugal on water, and be a good long-term investment, think

Problems with Staber washing machines they won't tell you BEFORE you

1. If it is still under warranty, and it fails to work, YOU have to fix
it yourself (though they may be "gracious" enough to send you the
parts), despite the very high price you pay for it. You probably will
have to buy a wet/dry vac if you don't have one, so you can suck up the
water when you replace your own water pump (observe how the pump design
allows hair and other debris to get caught up under a lip of the
impeller and wrapped around and is next to impossible to remove

2. It is extremely sensitive to being perfectly balanced and it still
is prone to going out of balance when it attemps to spin up. Want to
wash a single rug due to a pet accident? Forget it. It will attempt to
spin up infinitely until you stop it. Two rugs? Better chance, but
often a failure as well.

3. Unless your machine is on a concrete slab (as I guess is common in
Ohio where they are made, but not out here in the West), your floor will
vibrate heavily vertically when the machine spins up, such that when you
stand near the machine when it spins up, your body will shake up and
down. Nowhere in their literature did it say you needed to either have
concrete or triple reinforce your floor to take the beating this machine
puts out and prevent extra vibration. Our machine is in a laundry nook
in our hallway, which you have to walk through to get to the bedrooms.
The house is 20 years old, so it isn't an old, rickety floor.

4. It very often will not properly go through the rinse and spin cycles
because it oversuds (too many suds) and is super sensitive this way. It
will just sit there rumbling through, trying in vain to drain and spin
up until you stop it. Eventually, I suspect it will cause your pump to
burn out. You have to reset it back to go through 1 or more rinse
cycles again, negating the supposedly miserly water use. In the worst
cases, we had to go through as many as 6 or even more rinse cycles to
get it to properly rinse, drain, and spin up. Even being extremely
sparingly with detergent (tried three kinds), it often requires an extra
1 or 2 rinses to be able to spin up.

5. When you call and complain that even though you are using only 1/4
or 1/5 of the normal amount of detergent you use in a top loader and it
is still oversudsing, they will claim you need to buy a case of their
RECOMMENDED detergent, which is a 20 year supply for us, as this machine
is miserly in detergent use. I am sorry, but no where on their website,
their literature, or the sales floor at one of their retailers does it
say anything about being restricted to a single brand of detergent. We
have tried 3 detergents that all say it is good for top and front
loaders and use just a very small amount, just a small fraction of
normal, and it still oversuds. They "helpfully" suggest you can also
dumping in vinegar to cut the suds when it oversuds. One rug required a
third of a gallon of vinegar.

6. The main knob that you use to set the washer in motion feels flimsy,
has a plastic stem supporting it, and if you accidentally pull it when
it is already pulled out, it pulls right off the machine. In contrast,
my 4 year old standard Kenmore washing machine has a very solid feeling
knob that you can't just rip right off.

7. If you have to stop the machine to check after it won't rinse and
spin due to suds and to add vinegar, etc, or if it spins out of balance,
you not only have to wait a couple minutes for it to unlock the door,
but you then have to push against the tub (it is like a hexagon) to
rotate it to the position where you open the "trap door" to get to the
clothes. This is difficult for my wife and the holes in the side of the
tub are in such a way as also to be uncomfortable on the hands. The
"trap door" you open has a left door and a right door that interlock and
is difficult or nearly impossible if you only have the use of one hand.
Other front or top loaders I have seen can easily be used with one hand.

8. It is very noisy when it spins up. There is no insulation to cut
the noise level. It sounds like a jet plane. It will also vibrate your
floor (unless you have concrete slab), adding additional noise as well.
Yes, they have those shock absorber-like things holding the tub (which
Staber actually touts as a feature), but it still vibrates the floor
heavily. One can only imagine what it would be like if it DIDN'T have
that feature.

9. When you call for help because of some of the problems stated above
(not draining, oversuds, pump not working, etc), their attitude always
seems to be that there is something YOU are not doing right, not because
of design flaws of THEIR product.

Yes, you can take off the front panel and have "easy access", but how
many times should someone have to take off the front panel in the course
or fixing or diagnosing the machine in the first year or two of
ownership, especially when it costs so much? I would rather have harder
access, and only have to do it every 10 years or so.

Buyer Beware. Preserve your marriage or relationship, DO NOT BUY a
Staber washing machine.


Post a reply to this message in the newsgroups if any of you unhappy
Staber users out there wish to add anything or confirm you are
experiencing some of the same things I am.

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