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Old May 26th 09, 01:40 PM posted to misc.consumers.frugal-living
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Default Does anyone ever use this group for FRUGAL LIVING ideas

Rod Speed wrote:
Vic Smith wrote:
On Mon, 25 May 2009 14:14:58 -0500, Dave Garland

Vic Smith wrote:

But those pitchers would be good for flour, rice, etc.
Anything that comes in a soft bag and easily spills.
Less clumsy than cannisters, especially if it pours.
It's a good idea. Myself, I use jars. Quart, half-gallon, or
widemouth gallon, depending on how much I've got to store. The lids
fit well enough to keep miller moths from getting into them. The
widemouth gallon jars are good for things like flour, because you can
scoop out of them. And I've got the jars on hand already, having
purchased food products in them. I prefer them to plastic because
they don't flex (OTOH, they're more breakable).

Once, in a fit of obsessive compulsiveness, I took a set of identical
pickle jars and labeled each with transfer letters (painted over with
with polyurethane to protect them).

Whatever works, and free containers
I've seen folks use baby food jars to keep small parts in.

Yeah, I used small 250ml mixer soda cans as well, big advantage is that they dont break.

We have a huge collection of jars from Classico spaghetti sauce. They
are squarish so they pack better on the shelf, they have ounce-markings
on the side, but best of all, they have the same size mouth as the
container for our Hamilton-Beach blender! This means we can use them as
blender containers, which is really handy. (You can mix a milkshake in
one and drink it right out of the container.)

Evelyn C. Leeper
Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have isn't permanent.
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Old May 27th 09, 07:31 PM posted to misc.consumers.frugal-living
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Default Does anyone ever use this group for FRUGAL LIVING ideas

i do

On Sun, 24 May 2009 13:34:19 -0500, Vic Smith

On Sun, 24 May 2009 18:18:56 +0000 (UTC), elaich wrote:

Gordon wrote in

Some times. But it seems that the Usenet is a dying thing. Most
of the netizens have fled to Google or Yahoo.

They're not there, either. Most of those groups are long dead and are sex
spam traps.

This is the place for the topic of misc.consumers.frugal-living.
Nobody does it better.
For example, I'll reprise my finest hour.
"Get a cheap plastic pitcher that will hold a five pound bag of sugar.
Two-quart will do.
The kind with an air-tight lid you turn to close off the spout.
Dump the bag of sugar in it, and you'll never again spill sugar on the
countertop when filling the sugar bowl.
Keeps it from the humidity too."

That's a classic from maybe 5 years ago. Don't recall if I said it
the same way, but the essential truth of it remains.
It was an original idea of mine, and you'll find other similar ideas
by the fine people who come here to write of their experiences, and
pass on their wisdom.


Thats a keeper...

I moved over to city-data and homesteading today. Got tired of
****head Rod and the continuous spam. Every once in while I'll check
here. A bunch of other groups are also totally ****ed up now.

The RV group is a political flamefest (or was a few months ago when I
finally ditched it). Homepower was overpowered by a self-appointed
idiot, and the useful info to spam ratio is bad everywhere.

The more I read, the more I realize that participating in any group or
forum involves a huge amount of repetition and a lot of dubious info.

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