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Default How many therms (natural gas) do you use per day (per month)?

Donna Ohl, Grady Volunteer Coordinator wrote:
I used 120 therms in the past 30 days (about 4 therms per day).

I should note that California alots only 2 therms a day for baseline costs
of about $1.22 per therm (plus 5 cents per therm PPP Surcharge); so
apparently I'm consuming double the natural gas energy California allows
(regardless of home size or number of people) for base rates.

The over-baseline charges are $1.37 per therm plus that same 5 cents per
therm additional charge for poor people (i.e., the California Gas PPP

Does ANYONE actually use just 2 therms per day for their gas furnace and
hot-water heater for two people living in a small 1,500 sqft house?

I use about 5-7 a month for two people in a small house during the
summer, but that includes a stove and dryer as well. I think about 90 a
month for a cold winter month, and this is in a 1948 house that is
pretty much uninsulated except for the attic floor.


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