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Default How many therms (natural gas) do you use per day (per month)?

On Sat, 16 Feb 2008 23:53:17 GMT, Tony Hwang wrote:
What is therm? Here in Alberta measurement is by the Giga Joule.

Hi Tony Hwang in Australia,

The average American houshold (supposedly) uses:
43,302 kJ/day = 41,045 Btu/day = 0.4105 therm/day
to heat their hot water (kindly calculated by Jeff at
62 US gallons of water raised 80F (27C) each day or 2 1/2

That would be, in Australian ... something like
0.043302 GigaJoule's per day or 15.8 Giga Joules per year (1.32 Giga Joules
per month on average) just to heat the hot water.

Do you Australians use about 1.32 Giga Joules per month for your hot water?

As for the quantity, 62 US gallons a day would be 1,886 gallons per month,
or 7,135 liters a month in Australian.

This is just for your hot-water needs (120 degree F or 49 degree Celcius
setting on your hot-water heater thermostat).

Does that sound reasonable in Australia?