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Default how to catch a clever mouse?

Trapping requires perseverance and discarding the tactics that don't

Trappers' tales:

Inadvertently I caught a chipmunk. I had a 5 gallon pail in the yard
with about six inches of water in it (to pour on the grass-killing urine
from my dog.) One day a chipmunk hopped up onto it, I suppose expecting
a flat surface on top. It couldn't climb out the slippery sides, and
the water was enough I guess to prevent it from leaping out. The water
level was not over his head really, but high enough that I suppose he
panicked and thrashed about, finally succumbing.

I had what I thought was a mouse living in my garage about 3 months ago.
After he took an entire roll of paper towels and tore it into little
pieces and stuffed it in the rafters, I knew he had to go. I knew he
liked paper towels, so I hung a roll over one of those four-foot high
trash cans. Then I covered the top of the trash can with toilet paper,
and created a pathway to run to the top of the trash can. Sort of like
an African lion trap. In a couple of days he tore off the toilet paper,
and swiped some of the paper towels too. Obviously he was a
mutant-genius rodent.

Then I bought a live trap. It took several days, and I tried several
baits, none of which seemed effective. Eventually I just put the trap
where he hung out, judging by nut shells. One day I came out and I had
trapped a red squirrel, but he was dead. His death is a mystery, as I
think he was in the cage no more than 24 hours.

After a few days I realized there was another varmint in the garage. I
caught another red squirrel, and found him before he died. A neighbor,
who told me you have to release them 5 miles away, took a fancy to him,
and asked me to release him in his back yard. Be serious. I released
him at a nature preserve, although I bet he saw the homes nearby and
headed for them.