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Default how to catch a clever mouse?

The Real Bev wrote:
ChairMan wrote:

The Real Bev spewed forth:

I heard a story about an ex-wife who hid some fish inside each of the
expensive hollow curtain-poles in her ex-husband's home. Theory was
that the ex-husband and his new wife could never find the source of
the ghastly odor, sold their house at a loss and moved the
curtain-poles to their new home...

Probably apocryphal.

ya mean this story?

After 17 years of marriage, a man dumped his wife for
his young secretary. His new girlfriend demanded that
she wanted to live in the couple's multimillion dollar
home, and since the man's lawyers were a little better,
he prevailed... ...A week later, the man and his new girlfriend stood
smirking as they watched the moving company pack
everything to take to their new home...

...including the curtain rods.

Yup, that's the one!

Reminds me of another urban legend. American business man living in
London decides to dump his girl friend. He tells her he is going home
for a week and expects her to be gone when he returns.
During the trip he worries what she might do or steal. He returns and
finds the phone is off the hook and figures no big deal. His next phone
bill shows a 130 hour call to the time number in New York.
I could relate to this. I had a lady from Texas living with me and
decided it was time for her to move on. She was set to move on a work
day. During the day I called several times to see how things were going
and each time got a busy signal. This was when long distance calls,
especially in the day, were costly and I envisioned a 6 hour call on my
bill. When I got home there was a thank you note and the phone was on
the floor. My dog had knocked it off the coffee table.